Dancing With MaryJane (DWMJ) is a true Tom Petty tribute band making music with authentic instruments to make the Petty sound.from jangly guitars to real leslie organs to vocals with the Petty touch.Fritz Hummel started this project with the help of some great muscians that all wanted in on the project back in 2009. Fritz has been to a lot of his shows and back stage as well, always learning what makes Tom so great live and how he relates to his audiance...Hopefully you will not be disappointed in our efforts....




Artist Information




All of the band members are pro level musicians from the Allentown PA. area, They all take this project seriously and love paying tribute to one of the greatest artist out there,Tom Petty.  They have all been selected for their sound likeness to the original artists and have been performing in different bands over 20 years. They use authentic equipment to reproduce “the sound” Big and jangly, his signature style.




( A.K.A  Mr. Tom Petty )

                                              Fritz Hummel.... Lead Vocals & Guitar 

(A.K.A. Heartbreakers)

                                              Jim Bartolomei...Bass & Vocals

                                              Bob King...........Lead guitar

                                              Jason Marshall...Drums 

                                              Bill Haggerty......Keyboards & Vocals

(former A.K.A. Heartbreakers )

                                              Mike Millman.....Lead Guitar

                                              Will Landstrom..Keyboards & Vocals

                                              Auturo Baguer...Bass Guitar & Vocals

                                              John Vouras......Drums

                                              Bob Farmer....... 12 String Guitar, Vocals          

                                              Charlie Frey.......Lead Guitar




DWMJ covers something from  every Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers to his solo works and a little Mudcrutch  included.